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Coco is a world changing idea

We think Coco digital medical records for 5b people is a world changing idea.

So…. we just applied for the FastCompany World Changing Ideas 2022 awards. Wish us luck.

If you are doing something good you should apply too!


Health Wealth Gap

Health companies listed on stock exchanges and other major valuation methods are valued at over $5 Trillion dollars globally.

There are around 300 health companies on our planet that are each worth $500m (thats $500,000,000). Each one.

Of these, there are around 25 companies worth over $100b (yes a crazy 11 zeros that is $100,000,000,000) each.

The largest ones are in the $425b or higher range.

Meanwhile around 5 billion (thats 5,000,000,000) people on our planet (out of 8b) still don’t have effective health records yet alone digital health tools.

That is more than $1,000 for every person.

Just another small reason why we are working on free and low cost health records for developing nations.

You can read more here.

Information thanks to

Global rankings relative to other major asset classes.


New Brands


Coco is the umbrella parent brand (as you would expect coming out of the Coco Project originally) and CocoArc is our first major product.

After some market research and brand work we have a draft new brand name and visual identity for the medical records project, it will be called CocoArc. Note: For simplicity and consistency across the human and technical aspects of the project there is no space between Coco and Arc so is simply one word, one domain, one tag, one search term CocoArc but pronounced exactly as the three syllables are seen.

We also have a new simplified name and brand called Coco for the overall centralised portfolio of (currently 100%) volunteer work we are doing. Over time will hopefully become localised community led and commercially sustainable mix of world class professionals and local community volunteers.

We have also been brainstorming and researching and sometimes reserving a series of other names with the shared Coco prefix and other elements for specialist extension products we expect to add in the future too.

You will notice that although we are product and technology focused we are not talking about or asking ‘WHAT is it?’.

Because people are the centre of our world and we believe people should also be at the centre of technology and without them, even with great AI in the near future, we can simply not help people globally in a natural way without being life centric.

So instead of what we ask the question ‘WHO are we?’ because it is all about the wonderful individuals that create useful products and use them to do wonderful deeds.

Please feel free to share this simple lightweight PNG, yes you are not imagining it… there is a tiny little curve in the name to emphasise the arc part. 🙂

And of course an animated GIF for those that love that sort of stuff 🙂

The scope of the project has also been extended a little to help fund the core mission of free medical records for citizens and community clinics in developing countries.

We aim to improve lives by naturally including family and friends who are often at the core of life in developing countries but over time have been excluded in developed countries. We are hoping to improve the experience for everyone (especially in health care) and every business (especially life centric ones) by bringing all three groups together –

  • individual patient/recipient/consumer;
  • provider/doctor/institution/professional/business; and
  • carer/family/friends.

The new scope is primarily providing existing features (like QR checkin; inventory; billing and secure selective personal information sharing) from the clinic module to other similar simple use cases in generic small businesses like food and beverage; services; wellness and adjacent industries.

So more people can share the wonderful Coco experience around the world.

The arc (word and visual clue) is intended to be the connector of the above groups as well as a symbolic horizon representing the intended global reach of this project as we connect providers via the internet to help people and we reach around the world via the internet and local ambassadors starting in our currently proposed short list countries of Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

The arc also represents our life span as we grow up and eventually decline. We aim to be there across your life even prior and post. Helping your parents even pre-pregnancy make good decisions and you and your family and friends after you go.

You can see more on our brand as it is refined and improved here.

We anticipate that most people will shorten our name for ease of use, especially in urgent situations like emergency rooms and busy businesses. Eventually we expect this will become our core brand, simply Coco. And we will deliver a range of related and probably linked products with the same team.

Well, we hope you like the direction we are heading, please contact us with any and all feedback it is very welcome.

PS: A quick thank you and shout out to Melanie, Cliff and Cam (and team yes that means you too Zach and many others from the tech startup ecosystem in Australia) whom we have been fans of since the early days in Sydney. We proudly use their tools Canva for design which is simply wonderful an inspiring and good for the planet. By clicking that link you will help us as part of their referral program.

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Apple Watch Thermometer and Blood Pressure Delta Runours

Wall Street Journal and MacRumours articles today suggest much broader ambitions for Apple Watch in health including fertility, arterial fibrillation, sleep apnea and more.

But you might have to wait until 2022.

Edit: Bloomberg also published a follow up article suggesting blood sugar monitoring would also be added and official ids such as drivers licenses (and by our own extrapolation potentially also vaccine passports?).

And a bigger screen used more wisely.

Apple’s Bigger Watch Will Jam More Data Than Ever on Your Wrist

Cheers, Ed.

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Children rarely suffer long term from Covid – Kings College research

Long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms rare in children says BBC


UN Rankings of Global Health Systems

Detailed report here

The aim of Coco is to help the lowest 100+ countries as listed in the global health systems ranking report.

At least 1 billion people and possibly as many as 5+ billion.

Cloud first, open source, mobile first and free for 100% of citizens and freemium for 90-95% of clinics, hospitals, health professionals and providers.


New CBI Health Technology Report

CB Insights has just released their Future Of Health report May/June 2020.

Key points –

  • health data is exploding in size and complexity
  • administration overheads are exploding due to regulation
  • major US tech players are using these challenges and their unique data sets; increasingly powerful reach and brands along with enormous cash stockpiles to create a better customer experience and a defensible beachhead learning from CN leader WeChat
  • trust issues are holding back the industry
  • food as medicine is a major trend backed by research and ecommerce delivery capabilities
  • the pandemic has created large tech opportunities and partnerships


Our Vision & Principles

Our Vision At Coco

Today the world population is approaching 8 Billion people. Only around 25% have medical records. Coco will help the next 6 Billion.

Our Guiding Principles At Coco

  1. Free health records available for all citizens of developing nations. 
  2. Multi country, multi clinic, multi language, multi person (family/friends), multi device.
  3. All experiences in one app (even if you need to photograph paper), delivered as a family of apps that seamless interoperate.
  4. Free for 95%+ of clinics and groups of clinics or departments in hospitals.
    Top 1-5% will be charged for some advanced features. Eg. elective surgery, cosmetic surgery, expats, luxury/private.
  5. Simple to use.
  6. Use volunteers but only the best who can work in a team.
  7. Iterate, experiment and stay agile.

New CocoChat app

We are in the process of finalising a new member of the Coco app family called CocoChat.

CocoChat provides video and audio conversations (and later text chat) from any internet browser to any other internet browser regardless of device. Our initial focus for testing is chrome on windows laptops and android phones.

Based on open standards (see for fast support of every device it will initially be web only and then in-app web.

Ideal applications will be patient to doctor/clinic/nurse, family to family, friend to friend and colleague to colleague in or across departments in corporate organisations and government organisations.

initial markets will be India and Myanmar and possibly others.

If you have ideas or requirements please contact us or enter them in the comments below.

Features we are looking at include –

  • video
  • multi person video
  • audio / audio only
  • text
  • text search
  • profile photo
  • audio indicator when speaking
  • mute on/off/temporary with space bar
  • camera on/off
  • confidential mode (no recording)
  • recording and local saving
  • paid version for calls over 20 minutes
  • paid version for recording
  • integration into major identity systems
    (apple, amazon, google, facebook, cococard, avatar)
Channels Products

Coco Chatbot on Facebook

A beta version of our chatbot is now available on facebook which screens you for exposure and risk levels for the corona virus.

The service is now available in seven languages –

  • English
  • Myanmar / Burmese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portugese
  • Thai

If you would like to volunteer for future versions of the service as a translator, tester, software developer or designer please contact us.